What's a Class Like?
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treecrop.jpgmatseyendrasana.jpgmatseyendrasana.jpgMany people believe that they have to be fit, young, female and flexible to practise yoga. Absolutely not so! Yoga is personal and non-competitive and there is a yoga for every single body type, shape, size and age. 

There's a growing body of research which demonstrate some of the benefits of practising yoga. Here are some of the ways yoga may be able to help you:

Relax, reduce stress and tension

Ease back pain and other physical discomfort

Increase flexibility and strengthen core muscles

Ease negative thinking and encourage positive outlook and enhance self-esteem

Develop your understanding of yourself and the world around you 


The links below report on recent research on the benefits of yoga

fern.jpgGenerally yoga classes run for an hour and a half and follow the following format...
A class begins with a short welcome and a few minutes to calm the body, become acquainted with the breath and how you feel in the present moment.
A short 5-10 minutes to warm the muscles as well as getting energy moving in the body
Energy Block Release Sequence
One of the building blocks of Dru Yoga are sequences of movements designed to free blocked energy so that it becomes available to us in our everyday lives
Posture/Asana Work
Working on specific yoga postures or asanas or sequences (eg sun salutation)
Sometimes a specific focus on breathing exercises
A guided relaxation to settle the energy and send you away feeling refreshed!